Silence breaks the heart.

Maybe they’re both just broken, and they’ve lost their way…maybe they need fixing, but they can’t fix each other and they know it too. So they tear each other down – unintentionally of course – slowly, piece by piece. 

He used to be a fun, laid back and full of ambition kind of guy. A hopeless romantic, a little adventurous and passionate even. He enjoyed listening to music and even more so singing along. He used to be alive. 

She was an outgoing, confident and independent girl. She had purpose, and direction…always indecisive, she might not have known where she was going, but she knew she was headed somewhere and she believed in the beauty of the journey. She believed. 
He stopped living and she stopped believing. And they didn’t even know it. 
He loves her, he says she’s the centre of his gravity. 
She loves him too, she says he’s her best friend.
He made her feel special, he made sure she knew he cared. He would go out of his way to go see her even when he couldn’t, he made time, he made it worth it. He put himself out there. He made her feel something. She used to make his heart skip a beat, as he did hers. His face would light up when he saw her and she could see how happy she makes him.
She used to tell him everything about her and her life, and he listened. He believed in her more than she did in herself sometimes, he believed in her goals and he made her feel like what was important to her was important to him. She trusted him with her life. When she looked to him for advice she knew that he always had her best interest in mind, that he would never compromise that, that his words were free from malice and deceit or a conflict of interest.
They used to talk. 
And then life happened, then came the silence. Silence breaks a person in ways many don’t understand, you really have to experience it to know the pain it causes – but its better you not understand this one, trust me. Silence adds gaps and causes voids that sometimes cause more damage than harsh words, and foul language, or yelling and screaming. In fact, sometimes – most of the time – she’d prefer the latter.
They lost their way.
They lost their spark, and the fire burnt out. 
She wanted to be his number one, she wanted him to fight for her, for nothing else to matter more than her. She wanted for him to choose her. 
She’s not. And he didn’t…but he still loves her. 

Will it be enough?



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